In This


Warm air rushes by ripping obedience,

lights flicker by in the dark

flicker like me soul

flicker like my confidence

flicker like this fear coursing through

blue veins, they're blue not red as

the blood brings this crimson

to my face my neck on fire from the heat

riding faster, riding to rid myself

of this nail that has slowly forced

it's way through my flesh

into my spirit taking away

just taking away my happiness...

take my hand, together we ride and fly

away, running absent-mindedly past

people, your fingertips on mine

flying away takes so much of me

and as landing comes in the distance

of my mind I want to hide away...

knock me down but I'm climbin'

back up, warm wind through the trees

I once stood where you're at,

just shootin' the breeze,

years later, your garage floor, nothing's

changed, cuz I'm still riding away,

hiding secrets, spinning webs, red eyed

tears spilt because death is painful and

I know it all too well,

lay back relax I will guard your post

friends come back and stay but not the

way they were meant to live, in a world

of pain, problems, your familiar

face so close to mine hovering above,

cuz your lean is 'unbelievable'

and unbelievably loving me is such a risk

and memories, they flow all together in

this  explaination of what I've seen

cuz I've been through the unseen, the

unthinkable, the coverup will stay put

cuz new alliances have taken another

look into me and allies are hard to come by

easy to lose, and I ain't never losing you.

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vipervenomnu's picture

great poem!! From the heart. What is with the garage floor these days. Just seems like they have magical powers or something. It's more a free form poem which I myself tend not to write simply for the fact that I can not seem to say everything I want to say with them, but it works for you so keep it up!