slink around the corner, Shadow, slink into my walls

you see me there, in my room, as I began to fall,

you had been around that night when I had held that knife so tight,

you had seen the tears and pleadings, which had been shouted forth, from me,

and smiled,

yes, Shadow, I had then seen you there, and stared at you for a while,

wanting my pain for you to share,

Now, on the floor you see me there, Shadow,

and now, I am but a shadow too,

this shadowy world, how do you bear?

with no angels, with light in their hair?

tell me this is not it Shadow, tell me there is more,

why oh, why did you not tell me before?

Now, I will slink around too, never again his face will I touch,

never     never   knowing I'd miss him so much.

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vipervenomnu's picture

I'm truely sorry. No one as beautiful as you should ever have to feel this much pain. But I am not sorry for you, i'm sorry for those who cause you this pain, those that had the chance to truely know you but never took it.