the hardcore roadie

struggling as i climb dive

and cruise through the sleepy shadows

of suburban and urban settings

near a mid-sized American city;

racing through sunbeams streaming

through sacred heavy forest boughs reaching

as ghostly fog rises off dew-soaked tarmac

winding and stretching to my heart's delight.


buy a bike

buy a road bike

buy an expensive road bike;

then ride it just after sunrise

as often as you can.


and let the Human World abuse neglect

rape mutilate disfigure disable slaughter

lie hustle con and shit in Its own mouth;

even if you want to change Her

She doesn't want to change

so fuck it.

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I Miss the California Coast

I like to ride in the early afternoon to Walgreens for booze,

hoping angry vehicles won't honk while passengers scream

"Fuck you!" as I cruise through another day of dispassion.