On a Pursuit of Happiness

I am on my pursuit
of happiness.

I search-
Running through the park,
Down the sidewalk,
Across the street,
Not stopping for red lights.

I rest-
On top of the hill
World below me.
Cars passing along,
Wish I could hitch a ride.

I glance-
Sunset is forming.
Want to chase it,
Follow its path.
Taking me far away

I am on my pursuit
of happiness.

I wonder-
Will I find it soon?
Where do I search?
Across the street?
Or in some foreign place?

I stand-
All by myself now
Silence prevails.
Closing my eyes,
Boulevard still in view

I run-
Faster and faster
Trees surround me
View does not change
New to my eyes each time

Pursuit of happiness
Always a pursuit
This is my happiness.
Magnificent view,
Twisting and turning roads.
All I need is me
This pursuit is complete.

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