The Princess and the Three Sons

There once was a wealthy king whose daughter was the most beautiful woman in all the land. Many men sought her hand, but were quickly turned away, because the king had promised his daughter to the son of an old widower.

On the eve of the princess' 18th birthday, the old widower arrived at the palace with his family. Alas! He had three sons! So the king decided each man should say why he'd make the best husband, and the princess could pick her favorite.

The youngest son said, "I am the most handsome of my brothers; I have many youthful years to share with you!"

The middle son said, "I am the wealthiest of my brothers; I have many worldly treasures to share with you!"

The oldest son said, "I am the wisest of my brothers; I have much knowledge to share with you!"

The princess thought for a moment. Then she turned to her father and said, "Great father, all three of these men would be wonderful husbands. But I, too, am handsome, wealthy, and wise. Why should I settle for one of three rivers when I can have the ocean they sprang from?"

And she married the widower the very next day.

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