Taking A Path (This is)

I think the world has mistaken me for tobacco.

I give it my all and when taste becomes familiar, it spits me out on the ground!

My taste is not going to change!

This is not a pity-party, poor me, gotta listen to my rock music cause I'm deppressed poem!

This is confusion!

Stuck in between what I love (writing) and what the economy say I am going to do!

Stuck behind a stupid desk.

Stuck in between happiness and sadness.

Rainbows are showing while thunder and lighting is roaring!

Brokeness with a Band-Aid stamped on the scars.

My heart has withered up like a leaf in a sunlight without water.

However, Love is too hard to burn out on.

So this world can keep spiting me out because I know something good might come out this ache.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

I never have time for post poems, but for now I will be on post poems because I am finally on break! This is not my best poem. I have ajusted to the old fashion way of writing. Paper and pen! So, some of my poems are going to suck until I get the hang of using the site!

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