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Energy Collection – Learn More About The Graphene Cover Over Perpendicularly Carbon Nanotubes Housing Copper Atoms

When it is about energy and nano science there are some very smart and proficient scientists out there who has some incredible research papers about collecting the ambient vibrational energy that is present out there. Considering some of the designs and how these scientists mix the nanotechnology, engineering and vibrational energy and its frequency together makes others wonder if they have been looking in the wrong direction while considering energy generation or energy conversion or collection.

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The concept goes like; take some carbon nanotubes that are all engineered to a certain size, all connected to one another in a parallel manner. Then, you must put copper atoms inside of these carbon nanotubes. Later on, shave off all the carbon nanotubes at exactly the same height and then fit in with graphene covering over the top. This coating will help hold the copper atoms in, though it vibrates from the ambient vibrations and energy all around. This indicate that you could very easily collect the required amount of energy, and could even put this composite like structure on the side of the barn, house, roof, high-rise, aircraft hangar, or several other structures. The objective certainly is to collect the energy.

As these carbon materials conduct electricity quite well, it would perhaps be a matter of plugging in the electrode and then using it as a vital power source. Just imagine, what if it works well for you? All you require for the copper atoms are to bounce around inside and it definitely would not take very much. All of these carbon nanotubes together will help collect a considerable amount of energy, and these carbon molecules present in these structures would enable you to move the energy and then use it as a power source. Check out more at

It would be rather easy to obtain a visual concept of how this process will work. Yes, there perhaps be a few challenges, but as you get better with the Nanotechnology, and nanoscale engineering, this all should be very much possible. Moreover, such a coating system would be extremely strong, a lot stronger than various other types of composites, and the best part is that you get to have the energy.

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