A Final Farewell

Just wanted to take this time to thank everyone who have ever spent time reading the words that I wrote
No matter if it touched them in a good way or bad way.
It's cool to hear from some of you no matter personal message or public comments but the last few days if not weeks I've been struggling to be myself been struggling trying to figure out what I really want

I think it's safe to say that I don't want to write, my final release will be put out on October 31st it will be a horror book called Neighbourhood Stalker. It's a rewritten version of the ones I have released previously but as far as I'm concerned this will me my final message.

I have a short book of poetry that I have written that I will no doubt submit it to a distribution company in the next 1 - 2 days for it to get sent out to the world.

I would say that it's been a great ride but at times it's more stressful than anything, at most it's brought a few extra dollars into my pockets monthly but I need to find something else to do with that time.

This is not for me, I use to really enjoy it and use to look forward to finding inspiration in so many things but the last few weeks even though I have written a bunch I just feel burned out.

I've tried numerous things to try and spark that creative side of me, I got a youtube page, I got a podcast in which I give kinda a behind the scenes look at my writing.

But while I have enjoyed giving a behind the scenes look and giving a glimpse into my personal life my writing has suffered and so have I for the most part

So I have chosen to move on, to find something else. I have roughly 190 ebooks that have been released on every major platform but everyone and there grandmother can be self published in this day and age it takes nothing to do it, I use to enjoy it and I use to feel something when I released a book knowing that it's going out into these major markets.
But no matter how much I have done it everyone else has done it, no matter what I write everyone else has written.

You always get overshadowed.

Honestly the book Neighbourhood Stalker that is due out October 31st 2020 it was originally suppose to get released earlier this year it was originally written in late March early April and I originally had it ready to be released for late April till something happened in Nova Scotia and my gut told me I shouldn't release it. It was bad timing so I sat on it for three additional months and I submitted it to my distribution company in July for it to get released.

Up until this year I have never changed a release

It's kind of funny how life works though.

But I want to thank you all

At this point in time I can't say I will be back in the future that interest of mine no longer exists


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Please reconsider. You will be missed.


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It's been something that I've

It's been something that I've struggled with for a long time. I feel that doing this is the only option maybe it will renew my passion or maybe I'll find passion in something else I don't know right now, all I can do is try

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Only recently I took up designing art using pastels.  However, I still write.  I found I could do both with passion.  Stephen

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Well I'm happy for you, but

Well I'm happy for you, but after over 190 releases not to mention the single bits of writing I've posted on a few sites that passion is no longer burning

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