One Sided

Notice how so much is one sided in todays society
Men have to be strong all the time, if they show emotion or pain they are left alone
But women apparently have to be delicate and are allowed to show emotion and pain
That's something I never have understood

Shouldn't both sides be able to show emotion
Shouldn't both sides be able to be both strong and weak

If a man commits suicide, could it be because in todays society he's afraid to show emotion
So that's how he deals with that stigma of not being able to show emotion by spraying his brain matter
That way they can't put his thoughts back together again
Almost like humpty dumpty

If a woman is seen crying she's allowed, cause it's emotion
She's allowed to be held, talked to and comforted
She's allowed to break down

If a woman commits suicide could it be because she was just overwhelmed with emotion
So many emotions going through her mind that in todays society it should be delicate like a flower
That she just couldn't handle it  and felt that the only way to stop those thoughts would be that way
That way they also couldn't put her thoughts back together again
Also like humpty dumpty

But in todays world they would look at both cases and slap two words on both
I don't know if I agree with that
Not sure if I would call it a stigma

I just wouldn't agree with that statement
I'm sure that mental health is a scary thing
But if your mental health can decline
How can your mental health improve or heal


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