Just Walk Away

Not sure if I'll ever learn just to walk away
Thinking something is going good, say to myself "I Could get use to this"
Then it stops

Almost like the person vanishes right before my eyes
Was it an illusion all this time
But after an undetermined amount of time it starts up again
But then it stops

Why do I put myself through this
Getting to the point where I want nothing to do with anyone
Why look for people, when nobody wants to stay talking to me
I can just put more time into writing
More time into other hobbies
Investing more time into other hobbies

Clearly people aren't worth the time to invest in
But myself seems like the best investment
The only one I would have to argue with is myself
Only disagreements with myself

Can't really say no more mental stress
I have gotten into some rather heated arguments with myself
At times even went weeks without talking to myself
"Don't talk to that guy he's an asshole, he dislikes all my ideas"


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As Gordon Lightfoot said in

As Gordon Lightfoot said in his song Long Way Back Home "Oh say can you see my best friend is me - I'm a friend I could use!" Sometimes it seems that way. It is sad when friends or lovers don't want to be with us anymore. I think many of us have suffered such a fate.