Dare 3 - Chapter 4 - 18+ XXX

He looks at you laying there on the ground  catching your breath when he helps you to your feet and drapes you over the kitchen table, he watches your stomach go in and out while you continue to breathe heavy from what you juse endured he positions your legs so that they are wide open, allowing yourself to present yourself to the world around you.

Sliding his fingers on your pussy he noticed how wet you were he responds with "you really did get that wet from me fingering your ass, I didn't think you would enjoy it as much as you did"
You lay there trying to catch your breath.

He spreads your cheeks again, sliding his finger in and out slowly yet again then he pulls his finger completely out and slides an object in that's a little bit smaller than his finger, you are unsure of what he may have just slid into you until you hear a very familar humming sound. When you realized that he inserted a vibrator in, you start to feel the vibrations all over inside of you, they feel too good to resist. At times you squeeze your ass feeling that vibration and it feels so good but you have trouble keeping it clenched as it seems to have relaxed yourself. The feeling is incredible, despite your best efforts of trying to hold it in you let out a moan followed by saying "that feels so good"

he works it in and out of you as for a few moments before he changes it up back to his finger in which he works his finger in and out of you. Working his finger a bit faster than the vibrator he stops and reaches down to your pussy again seeing that your are practically dripping from those lips..

He walks around to the front of you with his stiff cock sliding it in your mouth, at first your mouth appears to be a bit dry because of trying to catch your breath but it quickly changes as he slides his cock in and out of your mouth.
Looking down at your face he reaches over you and rubs your ass again before placing his finger back inside, you let out a muffled moan of enjoyment he works his finger a bit faster and you once again let out another muffled moan of enjoyment.

Replacing his finger with the vibrator again he sensed that you enjoyed that more, letting out a louder muffled moan he pulls his cock out to let you finish the moan without being muffled.
he walks around to back of you still holding the vibrator in you but this time slowly working it in and out, he reaches your legs where you are still presenting yourself to the world. He attempts to plunge his cock inside of you but he can only get the tip of it in forgetting how tight you are he rubs the tip of his cock all over your lips he holds the tip tightly against your clit rubbing it and feeling your sensitivity against his sensitive part of his cock.

He once again helps you to your feet and helps you over to a chair where he sits you down to catch your breath as he walks into the next room

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