Dare - Chapter 3 - 18+

Your legs feel like jell-o you are having trouble walking so you crawl to the kitchen where you see him going into the fridge and getting the ice cube tray he then straddles your back he places an ice cube in his hand and squeezes it, his warm hands begin to melt the ice he lets it drip down onto your butt and the drips slide there way into your butt crack and down.

They cold sensation brings a mix of the chills and and an erotic sensation that has you being turned on he spreads your legs, you put up little fight he places the ice cube against your pussy as you feel the coldness run all through your body a sensation that you haven't felt before, your nipples perk up, he spreads your cheeks and slides it through your butt crack allowing the coldness to wash over you, he holds it against your butthole causing it to go numb from the cold as he slides it back to your pussy once again perking up your nipples again.

He slides his hands between your cheeks rubbing your butthole massaging it gently you once again become arroused from him doing so, this time he plunges his full finger deep in, you gasp and your ass tenses up as he slides his finger in and out slowly as your cheeks continue to squeeze his finger the feeling becomes that much greater and more enjoyable as he slides his finger slowly in and out. 

He notices you biting your lip, and he works his finger faster and faster and before you knew it you had a orgasm .

You lay there shaking recovering from that strange feeling.

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