I'm Tired

I'm tired of trying to be the guy that everyone thinks I am
That nice guy who smiles when I see you
Who wants to be your friend
Who wants to trade numbers to keep in touch
Who wants to get to know you

I see how you talk about me behind my back
You may not know but I see it
I hear the whispers

Your the ones who made my smile vanish
Your the ones that made me go from wanting to be friends to saying "just give me the paycheck and I can leave"

I'm tired of being the person that I'm not
Trying to win you over so I can say "I have friends"
Why am I even bothering to try to be that person anymore
You never accepted me, it was all fake and to my face

The smile is gone
The frown has appeared
It's not forced it's my natural look
Tired of holding my head up
Like I'm looking for that ray of sunshine to make me happy

Would rather feel tears run down my face
Would rather feel blood run from my cuts
Would rather feel the real sadness from within
At least that's who I am
Don't need to try and win people over
Don't need to try to impress people.


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