Be Like That

Alright so Imma be like that
Yup, Imma be like that

First thing I ever wrote back in high school think it was ninty seven
It didn't exactly vault me into heaven
Sent me to a psychiatrist, but that's just the way things go
It wasn't even anything suicidal, just something that had my feelings so low

Took a break for a few years then began writing under a pen name but knew it didn't fit was trying to run with a different crowd
Knew I was meant for something better so I dropped the pen name and embraced the storm cloud

Been writing any chance that I got now, it's not that hard to find it's all signed by Ken Squires
I've been known to swoon some with the things I've written with others I've burned with fires
Nobody wanted to take the chance on this kid when he first started
Seemed like what I wanted to write about was truly uncharted

Took me a few years to get my head right
Now I got a hundred and eighty-eight ebooks and I still continue to write.

Alright so Imma be like that
Yup, Imma be like that

I know that inspiration can come from all sorts places
In things one listens to, even interactions with different faces
Don't be taking things that others have written and posting
To me that gives an open invite to start roasting

Then you start with this woe is me crying
Perhaps it's tissues that you should be applying

Go back to your textbooks and old quotes
You might have made more sense with one ore in a row boat
Someone should report you sooner than later
We all want a decent site to come post on, not something that'll be pulled by the creator
Over infrigement which can carry a hefty fine
I'm sure if we give him enough time, he'll come back and continue to wine


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