The Writer Effect

What if I told you that you pushed me to my limits and beyond

The only way I can feel comfort was to keep writing my thoughts
In hopes that others would understand how I felt while you continued to commit infringement
I look at all this great talent all around and it's over shadowed by someone who wants to continue to commit infringement

No matter how hard I try to let it pass I know that there is no way
I bite my lip
I bite my tongue
To the point of tasting blood keep telling myself certainly someone else will see it
But yet I know I have no way out

People come here to express ones self in ones own words
Not to take words that have been published and post them
We're here to share our own personal stories
We're not here to share stories that others have written

But yet text books is what some hide behind
Even go so far as to quote them in responses
Like we are suppose to care that your quoting books
When things are suppose to be all about you
Not stolen words
Sure, words can be inspired by others
We've all been in that position before

But don't forget to tell me I'm wrong
Quote something from the past
Make it seem like one should actually care
But yet infrigement is still what you do
But yet infrigement is still what you do
But yet infrigement is still what you do


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The Writer Effect

I know of whom you speak or at least one like him.  They are such terrible bores with their nobbish intellectualism. Continue writing your personal feelings.  Some of us enjoy your writing.  ----- Stephen

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Thanks, I'm sure you know as

Thanks, I'm sure you know as well... I admit it's a pain when one comes to sites like this to express emotion and creativity and gets overshadowed by uncreative.

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