Screams Always Go Unheard

Get talking to new people who tell me they will be here for me if I need them
When feeling down it's almost like a phone call as things are placed on hold
Guess they only are here for me when it suits them.
That seems to be the lesson I'm taking away from all of this

As I continue to live my life
I continue to learn not to count on anyone but myself
Since it seems that nobody wants to be here for me
Guess that's okay
Can't really say I blame them

The time has came
The time has passed
At times I search
But I know I'm going to come up empty

I also know so many disapprove of me talking like this
But I write what's on my mind
I'm sure many others can relate to it
Just cause a few can't
Not my fault


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Don't let them get you down.