Looking For Something That Doesn't Exist

Mentioned a number of times that I joined a dating site.
It's inspired a number pieces of writing as of late

I feel like I'm looking for something that doesn't exist
Looking for love, perhaps in the wrong places... Does a right place exist ?
Guess I'm not just really looking for love but also acceptance, someone to spend my life with and grow old with
Seems like nobody responds, which makes me wonder if someone actually exists for me or not
I'm leaning towards the not

Right now not overly picky since I know the early stage is just texting to get to know
Which is fine, always nice to communicate with someone new, maybe be surprised by common interest
Get to ask questions, learn, respond, ask some more
They do the same back, after all that's how conversation works.
Or is it ?, seems like most times it's all one sided.. Perhaps this younger generation doesn't know how conversation works.
Sent love to many, wished them to stay safe, thanked any nurses who popped up... no response
Not scared to admit, sent love to trans. Told them if we didn't talk I wish them love and respect during the journey they are on... no response

As all this continues I end up picking up new hobbies
Not really anything 100% new more so just dusting off old ones
Debated about walking away from writing, been debating about that for a while now
I think that's why I joined two new distribution companies to see if either would renew that spark
This very well will be the last ebook that I do, only time will tell
At times I see it being just that, just this last one then finding myself a new path
Have my focus on another journey
Perhaps that's what is in store for me
Perhaps it is


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With good wishes, I encourage

With good wishes, I encourage you to embark on that other journey.


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