Navigating Women, Is Like Safe Cracking (Trusted My Gut)

Sounds like a name of a book about women, sadly it's also true
Was talking to a woman five minutes into the conversation she wanted to meet, I wasn't ready.
Wanted to get to know her more, so we continued to talk but I felt something in my gut.
Wasn't a big something but I took notice

Conversation continued, she still was sweet
Enjoyed talking to her, just daily chit-chat thought it was nice she wanted to meet
She was busy during the day which is fine
I went out with my ex, had a decent time
Picked up a few movies, most of the trailer park boys collection
Then picked up dinner, chinese food won that election
Later that night was back chatting with that girl
Made one wise crack and down it all dropped, went away with a swirl.
Figured she would have been more understanding

But clearly one was looking for perfection
Not one whose rough around the edges
I'm trash to some
But not to another
Similar to the line about one man's trash, another ones treasure.
In every ten to twenty conversations, one seems to last
Maybe things would be easy if all I wanted was to get me some ass

So I guess what I felt in my gut was right
Something just wasn't feeling right about her
Oh well, woke up this morning noticed the chat was deleted
Never affected my life line, that certainly wasn't depleated.
Onto searching some more
Wonder who I'll find now, wonder what kind of writing will be in store


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