Shit Bitch This Is Getting Old

If one of you actually wants to surprise me perhaps a conversation that lasts longer than a day
Expressing some sort of interest in myself rather than making everything about you

Shit bitch this is getting old
It's almost like I'm talking to the same people over and over
This is more frustrating than anything at this point in time
Y'all start giving me excuses and telling me your going away
If it's not that then your trying to shake me down for some sort of coin to help you pay for something

This really is bullshit
This shit really is getting old
Getting seriously tired of it
But todays another day and I want to say I have some sort of hope today
But honestly I don't.
The few I'm talking to will no doubt vanish today
It won't really be a surprise to me, why would it be when that's the trend
They must be #trending

They say they want someone who can carry a conversation
I don't think that's what they want since when a guy does and actually asks intelligent questions
They turn and run
They turn and run
They fucking turn and run

Not sure what to think about them anymore


Author's Notes/Comments: 

For the record I'm not calling women "bitch" I'm calling the situation "bitch"

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