Seriously, You Want Money ???

Shit never had this happen before, facebook dating app some girl tried to sweet talk me for some coin
Told me she only had six dollars and wanted money for groceries but still wanted to get to know me either way
I said no the conversation died, she deleted me.
Shit man I always heard that people would try to sweet talk for money but this was the first time it happened.
Not saying I'm a dick but if I knew her in person like legit I may have helped out
But who knows who the face is behind the pic.
Lets face it just cause one posts a pic doesn't mean we are that person.

She told me she'd give me the coin back with interest
Sadly after she said that she definately has lost my interest
At most what I've done for one girl was bought her three iTunes tracks while talking to her
Figured what was all of four or five bucks.
Just thought it would have been a nice thing to do, well shit went south with that too
Had me scratching my head about her but I definately got some writing material out of it
Guess I got myself some writing material out of this girl too.

For a minute I felt like I was dealing with the homeless
Walking down the street while they said anything to catch my attention to beg for change
But shit for groceries, depending on the person that could be up to a hundred
Bet if I gave her that shit, she would have vanished or begged for more
Had no chance of getting anything from me

Move on girl, your shit aint' working here
You got so quiet afterward
Guess you magically turned into a fucking mime


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