Tired Of Being Nice

All people want to do is take advantage like being nice is some sort of weakness
For that, I just have to say the following...

You never were meant to be my dog so now I have to euthanize
While you lay dying you'll never get to see another sunrise
The things you say about me are about as tame as a lullaby
If I started up you would feel like it was biblical times and it was time for me to crucify
Had it up to here with the amount of shit that I take from some
Just so I end up being sat in a quiet corner in my bedroom until I have overcome
What they had to say, like I was a child who was sent to bed without dinner
You do all this because you feel like you need to be a winner

That's sad it really is when you think about it
Having to put down a human being just so you can pick yourself up
Your not even worth me rhyming this entire thing to get my point across
But people like you deserve to roast in the firey pits that are below our feet
As your the lowest form of human that ever came into existance


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Tell it.


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Thanks, I'll certainly try

Thanks, I'll certainly try

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