Feeling like rain drops against my face

At times I think it's raining until I look up and realize it's all me

The sadness from within has hit the full mark and doesn't know how else to come out

So it forms tears as it goes down my face

Sometimes in streams, sometimes just single tears


So much has made me sad lately

Too much to write about

Too much to name

But I try to write about it at times

Possibly the world we're living in and the people

Sometimes it's the people around me, other times it's just the people in general

How they treat me, I'm tired of it.

I thought I was past this, but I see it follows me like a rain cloud


At times it makes me wonder if I'm better off without people in my life

Just the very bare minimal

The others just cause me grief, hurt me emotionally, stress me out


Will this pain ever end

When will these tears stop

So do I some how have an endless supply



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