The Day I Learned Nobody Cared About Me

Spent a weekend in bed, all devices set to off

Never once checked email, facebook or any sort of social

That's all I did was lay in bed, kept to myself, feeling depressed

Wanted nothing to do with the world


Turns out the world wanted nothing to do with me

Never had any missed calls, missed messages or emails from anyone concerned

Everyone just went on with there own lives not concerned about anyone elses

As Monday hit and I realized it

It made me wonder if I truly am better off with nobody in my life


Why give myself false hope that when I feel low

Someone would actually out reach a hand

Looking to lend a ear

Or a shoulder if the situation called for it






Words often used to describe me


I wouldn't expect anyone new to reach out

They don't know me and would just be getting to know me

But sadness tends to scare them away

Or they turn manipulive and try and turn it on you

Making your sadness less important, but when they feel sad you better not do that or you won't hear the end of it.

Yup that's people in today's society

Everyone is about themselves


Unless they can some how profit from it

Unless they can some how profit from it

Unless they can some how profit from it



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