Long Face

Of course I got a long face and don't really smile much

The way people have been treating me doesn't really give me that much hope

I'll admit it that I'm single and been using this facebook dating app that appears to be a joke

As I try to get to know people then poof the conversation vanishes

Leaving me to scratch my head wondering what the hell I said wrong

Re-reading the conversations making me wonder where I went wrong

Then I realize that it was just a normal simple conversation of small talk trying to get to know someone


Then you start insulting me out of the blue

By taking my words and twisting them like a screw

My emotions all tangled I sit and scratch my head

Wondering what has you so fucked up in the head

Never once did I say half the shit that your repeating as I'm scrolling back in the conversations

I never once knew that simple conversations could be so misleading


Telling me that I need to smile more in the admist of attacking me with random bullshit

Since I might be cute if I didn't have such a long face


My face droops like your titties, cause you don't own a proper bra

As you continue to make up bullshit while you flap your jaw

It has me sitting and wondering where the hell did this come from

Then the frustration and confusion kicks in so I sit and wait patiently

With one quick swoop I crush your relationship dreams like empty cans of soda pop

Click the block button, no longer have to hear from you

Then start getting messages from your friends who start out at first talking shit about me

Then followed that by kissing my ass about what a great person you are

Expecting me to reply

You might as well be sitting around waiting for cement to dry

The block button means your at the back of my mind

I've gone and moved on looking for someone else to chat with

Looking for a normal person but once the light shined through on you

I got to know who exactly I was dealing with

Knowing that things have gone quiet with you right now

I expect to get more messsages from your friends


I've had no intention of responding once you hit the block




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