Hello depression, my old friend
How are you doing, I'm sure you remember me... It's Ken
Here I thought I was going to be left alone
But I can see that you came back cause you want to reclaim your throne

At the top of the mountain, so you control everything
But of course Ken, your my favourite play thing
Your the puppet and your life is my reward
Your no longer strong, your weak and I shall not be ignored

Come on Ken, get that knife you know the one I'm talking about
You've been on this planet for too long, now it time for us to really hang out
Just show me a little blood, I know you have it in you
Let's face facts Ken, we know that your not going to make it through
What's going on inside of your head, you will be battling mee long term
I've been in  your life since way before this covid-19 germ

Don't you think you can get away from me
You have no where else to turn, you have no friends, nobody loves you,  I'll be living in your head till your soul has been set free