Ken Squires

As of late my night has been plagued by nightmares
Having flashbacks of all the shit I went through in high school
Waking up in the middle of the night with my covers every which way

Like I was fighting, but that's something I never did
I bit my lip, until I got home and the tears flowed
Didn't want to go back the next day, I was forced.

School did nothing to stop it
Yet when the schoolboard showed up they got praised up
Wish I had the guts back then to come out to the schoolboard

Drop all my problems, make the vice principal look like shit.
Rather than him getting praised up for jobs he didn't do
Let me dig his grave in front of the fucking school.

To this day they come and they go
Wonder if I'll ever have peace at mind again.
Little things give me flashbacks, it makes it difficult to have friends

Got a few friends who are friends with ones who harrassed me
Not sure if they know it or not, but it's not like anything will be done
The damage is in my brain, think it's irriversible


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