Like I Never

Ken Squires

I've often checked out other poets and they got me scratching my head.
Why they have so many views and followers and yet I got so few
Maybe they just don't know about me, let me teach them...

LIke I Never
Wrote dark in hopes of getting in with the morbid crowd
Writing about like the horrorcore lyrics that I constantly had bumping
Through my stereo

Like I Never
Wrote erotica to turn your girl on.
Or to help your guy out who stole my shit in hopes of having you get on
His cock, yet he claimed he wrote it just for you.

Like I Never
Wrote inspirational feeling like my world has left it's darkness behind
Wanting to shine the light upon everyone else to help others through the tunnels
That stand before them no matter how long they might be.

Like I Never
Wrote a under a number of pen names in hopes of gaining interest that way
Feeling at first why would one person have so much to say
On various different subjects as I do, but here we are it's now down to me and things haven't changed

Like I Never
Changed it all, dropped all the pen names and left the voices in my head
Just to become more real and not so hidden.
Showing everyone that all the time it was just one guy who wrote about all that.

Yet here I sit
My views and subscribers still next to nothing compared to everyone elses shit

Like I Never
Put people in tears over what they read
Since my anger was misguided, maybe it was all in my head
Here I thought that it was asked for
When in the end it left people bitter and sore


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