Fires Of Hell

Kennie Kayoz

The fires of hell has cleansed the soul of the church.
As they feel they are above law
They feel they are above all else.

The church burns bright as the crowds gather
Watching it get cleansed, watching souls get saved
Was it he from above who put it up in flames

Or was it truly the work of the darkside who stands tall after this.
Someone isn't happy with the work that you hide.
Being able to hide yourselfs with twists and turns from laws.

Making you feel as if you stand before all like you should be worshipped
You too have sinned !
The stone has been casted

We watch as the beacon burns bright
You have put yourself above the rest.
Making it seem like you are the best.

We shall watch as the souls that you have damaged are set free from those walls
But in the aftermath you hide yourself even more.
Shameful is what you have grown to be.

We know what you have done, it's written on the walls
It's written on the faces of those who you have left burden with your sins
We shall watch as the church burns


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