Exception ...Inspired by @tokenhiphop

Ken Squires

I was the quiet kid in the library, reading the sports section checking the stats.
But when the bell rang, that all changed.
I became the one in everyone's targets

Five foot, fat kid, big head, speech impediment, un-fucking-popular
Just a glowing red target with all that working against me.
Almost could watch teachers and staff turn there backs on me

As the kids walked up to me, doing basically anything they wanted.
Giving me quick jabs to the ribs, spitting at me, bullying me.
I knew I was different but I didn't know that I was..

The exception to the rule
School claimed it had zero tolerance, but it turned blind when it was against Ken

Started to skip classes, think one semester I only showed up for about twenty classes
Was always called into the vice principals office, getting yelled at.
He didn't fucking listen to a single word I ever said.

Of course not, the moment he would admit it is when he knew the school had problems
He had the school board kissing his fucking ass for doing such a great job.

There I was the quiet kid, no voice
Well I had a voice but it was constantly muffled
They harassed me so easily.

It happened from moment I got on the school bus to the moment I got off at night.
I wonder why at times I sit in my basement shaking when I go out in public
Still hearing those voices, as I continue to be voiceless.

At times I still sit in silence and wonder how things would be if I took the way out
I know I didn't have a big affect on anyone

I don't think there was a day in school that I didn't come home in tears
Most of the time I barely got in the door before they started
I know I fought them off countless times in that school

Here I sit almost 40 and it still affects me today
People told me back then that things will only get better
Sadly, no they fucking won't


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