Ken Squires

Thoughts swirling
Not sure what to write about
Always writing poetry, but also working on two pieces of erotica and a horror.

The second erotica originally started out like that, till old thoughts came into my head
An old thoughts of something horror I once attempted to write, but got frustrated with
I then stopped, put it out incomplete and walked away.

I guess it's being rewritten
But how far do I want to take it.
I can just dip my mind into it, or go full blown, make it nasty and violent

Have people wonder what kind of a fucking demented fuck up wrote it.
How could someone think such things and write it.
Even push my own boundaries

I sit and I ponder
Thinking, about how far I want to take things
How much will it mentally wear me out

As my mind spins around
Like a record full of ideas, I'm almost in a trance
Not sure what to do, do I need to take a break from writing

Have I burned myself out
Am I breaking the edge of sanity ?

Guess, my padded room
And straight jacket might say something else


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