Why Am I So Nice, To Those Who Hurt Me

Ken Squires

I've heard of the line, keeping friends close and enemies closer
But that has never described me
Yet here I sit and those who hurt me and treat me like shit, I keep close

Perhaps I feel sorry for them, or that I'm watching the lies go on behind the scenes
They lie up front but they are complete disasters behind the scenes
I watch like a big budget movie, waiting for the next implosion

Sometimes even with popcorn
I try to be nice, I even try to help at times
They lash back at me, guess they don't want my help

Yet I paid the cost for this premium seat
So I should sit back and watch the show
The lies come out like watching river rapids

I wonder if they've said them so much that even they believe there own bullshit
I certainly do not, I smile and nod. To allow them to think that I'm none the wiser.
Yet I'm just going along with it, allowing them to implode further


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