Dare 3 - Part 1 - 18+

You come home from a long days work when your phone buzzes with a text message
It says "do you dare ?" 
You reply "Yes"
it follows with having you remove articles of clothing one by one as you sit in your car, constantly looking over your shoulder afraid of who might be watching you, as you remove the final article of clothing you get another message
"get out of your car and go in  your house.... naked" you slowly open your car door and get out holding your clothes and your hands covering your breasts and pusssy trying to hide it from the world when your phone goes off again "drop your clothes"
Feeling daring you do just that keeping your hands in place you slowly make your way toward the front door as you get to the first step of your front porch you feel someone push you, you fall forward catching yourself with your hands, one still holding your phone the person lightly kicks your feet having you spread your legs and as you do so he reaches between your legs and begins to gently rub your asshole at first your unsure how it feels but as he continues to gently massage it, it becomes arrousing, you gently bite your lip but it wasn't enough as you let out a soft moan of enjoyment as you've felt a feeling like you have never felt before.

As your breasts hang down you feel his other hand cupping them and squeezing them gently, with the odd pinch of your nipple

Your body starts to enjoy it more and more, then just as soon as it started it stops. you take a moment to gather yourself and you venture back to get your clothes then make your way back into your house you toss your clothes in the laundry basket as you venture forth you put on a robe that being the only thing that covers your body.

You move about your house doing your evening rituals 

You hear a knock at the door, when  you open it a note is taped to your door...

You have six games, located around your house. Each game has a dedicated video camera for me to watch you.. Keep your phone handy

You scratch your head turn around and venture back into the house and you go into your family room, you see a video camera as your phone buzzes with the message "drop the robe" you do as your told.

you notice that the table in the middle of the room has been slightly modified as you venture over to it your phone gets a message "lay on the table" you do as your told, a setup of stirrups light up as you figure you have to put your feet in them. They seem close together so you do just that. A blanket falls from the ceiling blocking your view of your stomach down. A blindfold sits on a table next to you the message buzzed in says "put on the blindfold" you do as you say..
You lay back and down, you feel the stirrups quickly open, revealing yourself to the world that you can't see. You hear a buzzing sound as it dances around your lower lips you know the sound it's of a vibrator. It gently touches you from time to time teasing you, allowing you to get wet.. you feel a set of cold hands on you, you gasp as the coldness runs up your body... Then without a moments notice you feel something slide into you, almost forced a bit. Being as tight as you are, you bite your lip as you feel it thrusting in and out the hands reaching your breasts and feeling them, sometimes flicking your nipples, sometimes pinching them, the very odd time you feel wetness on them as if someone is sucking on them, the thrusting continues. You can feel yourself stretched as you can feel every inch of his cock inside of you

He begins thrusting harder and harder, this lasts for a little while as your legs begin to shake. You feel like you could cum and in a moments notice you do

He pulls out of you as you lay there trying to catch your breath when.....

(please wait for chapter 2)

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