Ken Squires

Here you are trying to act like you once did
Sadly I had my suspicion for thirteen years we were together
Thinking that you would change, I guess I'm the stupid one

I treated you better than anyone else, treated you like a human
Guessing by now you want to be treated like a whore
Your lies are more frequent now, I guess you have a handful of guys to get dick from

Your being used and passed around like a fucking baseball glove
But I'm guessing that's what you want to be like
When we were together you kept saying "I'm not in the mood"

I use to question the aspects of my own life, is it me ?
Knowing now your dick standards are basically anyone who has one
Always having to keep it on the down low

Trying to hide it from me
Well you tried, you failed
I've acted like I have turned a blind eye to you

You have became more obvious.
I guess your priorities are dick over moving out
But the temperature is rising, so is my anger towards you

So many things I've put on hold because I no longer fucking trust you
I trust you so little I know I have trust issues
I know I've questioned so many aspects of so many people


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