Ken Squires

Noise fills my head
Can't escape it, the thoughts making me think things I shouldn't
Thinking things about people.

I don't know if I should believe them or not
Is it just my over active brain
Why can't I silence it.

As I worry about things, my brain begins to panic
I close my eyes and count to try and calm myself down
When I open my eyes, I realize I'm sitting all alone.

Seems that way in life too, just all alone.
My thoughts begin to echo through the caverns of my skull
One thought can echo for days

Multiple thoughts can be dangerous
As I sit and look at the walls around me
I find that I'm more alone than I realize

Nobody near me
Does anyone want to get near me
Why would anyone want to get close to me

Having to deal with this.
Having to deal with my thoughts as well
Plus all my other insecurities 

As the echos continue 
They make me wonder
Am I forever alone


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