A Short Role Play

Ken Squires

Slide your hand underneath the covers and spread your legs


Rub your clit a little bit and pinch your nipples


****** walks in the room and sees you doing it and he pulls out his cock and sticks it in your mouth.


He reached under the covers and rubs your tight pussy with his cool fingers.

I certainly do miss this

He pulls his cock out of your mouth and pulls your blanket down and began to lick your pussy

Flicking your clit with his tongue he can see you getting wetter

He plunges his cock in your pussy as you feeling it stretching and holding it like a tight hug asn he slides in and out slowly

He bends over kisses you then your body and flicked his tongue against your nipples.

As he thrust into you a bit harder

As he thrust into you a bit harder

And he continued the thrust into you harder and harder

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