Communicating Like A Puzzle

Ken Squires

Always thought what I had to say was rather straight forward.
I don't try to mix my words to confuse people, or drop double meanings
To have people always guessing at what I mean, simple, easy to the point

In this world I'm starting to realize that most people communicate like a puzzle
There's always missing puzzle pieces when you talk and have to figure it out yourself
Wish these people would come with directions, cause I don't think they have any

Trying to communicate is hard enough for me and always has been
But trying to communicate with puzzles makes me want to talk less
If I put duct tape over my mouth would anyone overly miss my voice

Doubtful, as nobody really knows what it sounds like since I tend not to use it.
As I continue to write the thoughts in my head, I get some much needed clarity
I get it why women date guys who treat them badly like it's some sort of smell

A smell that they become infatuated with that they don't want to leave
Being in a relationship with them is like a real puzzle, but they stay
I've heard they stay for many reasons.

Us nice quiet guys will sit on the sidelines and shake our heads.
Not being picked for those teams, as we tend to sniff ourselves
Wondering if we're giving off the wrong scent, not sure if that's it.

There really is no hope for nice guys in this world.
We're clearly out numbered 1000 to 1
By the time we get one that have gone through hell.

We're sitting here wondering what the fuck is going on
Simple tasks, clearly are no longer simple
Communicating has turned once again into a puzzle

We tend to wonder if there is really any communicating now
Don't think an algorithm can solve these puzzles
Don't think an algorithm can solve these puzzles


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Missing pieces

Some of us get puzzled and it aint easy to find all the pieces

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