Pulled It Like

Ken Squires

I sometimes write with the intention of being like Tupac.
Wanting to drop some meaningful shit that will live on forever and make people relate.
Then other times I want to write stuff that is slathered in sarcasm.

Ideas tend to pull me like I pull my cock
Frequently and like crazy as I continue to slather it in sarcasm
Like a nice wet orgasm

You can thank me later after your body has calmed down
Once you have figured out where you are and what has happened
But it's alright, it's all been good. You enjoyed it and so did I.

In this day and age it was very much a good touch
Things were a little strange at first and might have been rough

I write all this poetry that people seem to give constant likes to
But when it comes time to do something like support me with more than a like
It truly becomes a ghost town, turning those numbers into a fucking frown.

Slippery like a nipple as the ideas come from me.
As I continue to pull ideas out
Like I pull my cock.


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