Ken Squires

That's how some people see me.
As a zero
As nothing

It's exactly what I got on my last release, zero reads.
Not a single fucking person read it.
But here I am back at it again.

The next book I chose to put it up for sale, in hopes of some coin in the pocket
It sits on the shelf collecting dust, nobody is buying, nobody is looking.
World continues to rotate, everyone's lives continue to move forward.

I stand here out in the rain wondering why, one solo cloud in the sky.
It's all raining down upon yours truly.
I thought things would have been differently by now.

I see life hasn't changed.
Just more people see me as it

I see life hasn't changed.
Just more people see me as it


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Harry Potter

U never know what is going to sell and sell and become movies and sell some more. Ever. Writers think it good but the public has its own voting system. The angle, the support, the advertising budget, and the placement of a work within its genre as worth buying via testimonials of critics and reviewers, media exposure etc. With all that readership can can still lead to zero. It's a toss of the die. Good luck. - slc



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Thanks for the feedback I

Thanks for the feedback I appreciate it

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