Curled Up In The Corner

Ken Squires

Feel like I just want to curl up in the corner.
In a tight ball, hoping that everything will stop
The yelling, screaming, talking to me like I'm an idiot

The stupidity out of other peoples mouths when your just trying to help
As I rock back and forth trying to to find comfort
At times even clutching a plush toy in hopes of finding comfort

In hopes of the it all stopping
In hopes of the voices in my head keep echoing it all

Would it help ?
Would it make me feel better ?
Would it make everything go away ?

Sadly, I don't think so.
This is my life now, curled up in the corner
Trying to find comfort.


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Life As Cacophony

It gets loud, I have protective layers, moats, security alarms to keep out the riff and the raff. The party going on in here is not for interlopers and the temporary passers-by. Choices advance, imagination liberates, and the rest is just aging until death. Go get it, whatever it is you want, it is not the obtaining, it is the journey. :D slc



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I get like that. Try not to let it last more than 3 days. Seek out comedy. To find an uncontrollable laugh helps alot. 

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Thanks for your advice.

Thanks for your advice.

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