Never Had

Ken Squires

The boy never had a chance.
The girl kept putting things in his path
Like a maze, yet he just wanted to find happiness

As the maze seemed endless and he come come to walls or dead ends
He started to wonder if happiness did exist
Or was it a chemical reaction in ones brain like an orgasm

Does it just happen in short intervals but it doesn't last
What if it doesn't last, will the boy be constantly racing through the maze
Or would the girl truly show him what happiness is.

Does everyone experience trouble when it comes to happiness
Is it just the furthest thing from his brain for a reason
Does he not allow himself to be happy, or is there more to it than that

What if the thought of happiness is trying to explain it to someone
Everyone appears to experience it in different ways
But what if some people don't experience happiness

It may not exist in everyone, or does it and some just haven't found it yet.
Maybe only people who treat ones like shit experience happiness in a easy way
Perhaps that's how they have found it, to make others lower than them.

The maze was always full of twists and turns
Things to climb and things to duck under.
Problems to solve, both simple and complex.

Questions to answer, both simple and virtually impossible.
Maybe he felt unwanted and not important as the maze continued.
End, none in sight.

Trying to explain it, not a easy task
Trying to over come it, just as difficult.
At times he felt just as lost with what was in front of him as in the maze.

Very seldom he felt as if he seen the light under the door
The possibility final door to the maze just to get a chance at happiness
Only to open the door and find it stretch further and further.

No end in sight
No way of possibly talking about it
His conversations became an endless circle of the same thing over and over.

When tried to talk about something new, it never lasted, shot down very fast.
While being shot down he had to make a choice, to pull up and try to land to keep going
Or to give up and crash, would it really make a difference to anyone if he gave up

Doubtful to her the feelings have grown dim
The brain numb
No longer that sparkle when he talked, no longer the hope as he waited.


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