What If She Told You

Ken Squires

It was less than twenty four hours before valentine's day, you thought you had it planned
Then the message came through and it said "it's over good bye"
You thought you knew her, you thought you knew how she felt.

Do those feelings go crashing down to the pit of your stomach
Or does your body show you that you truly have no feelings for her
As it's like saying bye to someone who went to the grocery store

But you know you won't see her again, nor will you hear from her again
Your body indicates that everything is OK, it's almost like your relieved
A weight has been lifted off from you, as the world seems different now.

Care free and perhaps careless, not having to worry about anyone except yourself
Which you've discovered you just don't give a shit about anyway
The feeling of making you by yourself makes you happy

Signs of her drift away, messages just instantly stop, she vanishes from all parts of life
You start wondering, was the person really apart of your life or were they fictional
Someone that good to you, were they in your head, did you make them up

Perhaps a sign of fictional, how could someone who seemed that good turn like that
But those feelings of wonder quickly vanish, with a sneeze.
You then wonder what were you thinking about, you can't retrace your thoughts

Going back to working on what you previously have started
Different puzzle pieces begin to fall into place, changing the puzzle in your mind
To something different, a completely different outlook than what things were before

But how could this be, you were stuck thinking one thing but now all has changed
You see in your mind almost like a movie a puzzle
Covered with smoke, which is actually made by dry ice

A gentle breeze blows the smoke away and it's different, it's different completely
Than it was once before, you can't believe it. You stop trying to figure out the old one
But your mind is stuck, you can't remember the old puzzle your mind slowly created

But certain pieces to the puzzle are missing, life isn't that easy.
You just have to figure out how to uncover them in life, to find out what they are.
What must you do to uncover them, another puzzle to the puzzle to reveal the puzzle

You quickly question if you really said puzzle three times in a short time
Yes, yes you did.
What does life have in store for you now, only time will tell, only time.


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Darn puzzles  

Darn puzzles


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