Top Wedding Pictures You Should Have



Memories are such a great thing, and they can take us to live again a precious moment anytime we want. But, memories also fade, our brain is so busy every day that we can start forgetting those details that once made us so happy. This is when photographs and videos take the spot, these captured moments help us in the task of not forgetting some of the most important dates, the happiest details.


There are tons of ideas for pictures. Wedding pictures are one of the hottest topics in the photography world because they encapsulate one of the best moments in someone's life. These are some of the best found online. These picture ideas can give your wedding a nice touch of creativity and fun.


1. Prep-time


It is very common to have a photo shoot of those moments where the bride is getting ready to go to the ceremony. She is going to be getting her hair done or her make-up. Add some fun to these pictures by depicting a bride that forgot to get ready, or a groom that fell asleep while waiting for her to be ready. These pictures can be taken long before the actual ceremony day, and this will avoid the rush to get ready for the big day.


2. Dress and suit details


Some of the best pics can be taken without involving both spouses-to-be. Close-up pictures of the beautiful details of the wedding dress can be selected to accompany invitations, without actually revealing too much of the dress. The groom can also have pictures of the elegant suit he has chosen for the big day.


3. The gangs


The day of the ceremony there will be two gangs, the one of the bride and the one of the groom. These pictures are a must. It is necessary to get them together, serious poses and funny poses. Lifting the bride, lifting the groom, showing how much they appreciate these two friends who decided to continue their lives together.


4. Children in the ceremony


There will be kids. And kids have a special charm when they are dressed up and ready for their ceremony part. Sometimes they are in charge of the flowers, the rings or some other ritual. This is the moment to ask for a lot of pictures of those young children that remind the ceremony of youth and future. The best part is that, since they are children, there can be lots of fun pictures with them!


5. The couple and the family


This is a classic. A picture of the mother of the bride and the bride cannot be missed. The same happens for the groom. Some people think that they get married just with the partner, but the family also comes along in marriage and they have to be reflected in your wedding photographs. One fun idea would be to place them in a perfect line behind the groom and bride while these exchange rings. It is a fun way of representing the family ties that are now created. For more classic wedding photography ideas, please visit


6. Pets


Last but not least. Pets are, for many, part of the family. And they can have great pictures on your wedding day. What can be cuter than your dog with a bow tie? Maybe your cat with the same tie! It is very difficult to take this particular type of pictures, but with the help of a professional, you can have a great photo shoot with your 4-legged best friend.


These are just some ideas to have the best photos related to a wedding. If you are the one getting married, make a list of the special pictures you would like to have so that you can give them to your photographer the day of the event. Coordination and communication will guarantee a flow of work that suits the wedding. If you are a photographer, make sure you understand what the client wants. Sometimes interpreting a desire is not that easy. Ask for clarification in order to proceed and deliver an excellent job. Again, talking to the client and knowing what is expected from you as a photographer can save the day in a very easy way.

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