My Island of Indifference

This Island of solidarity 

you've kept me in captivity 

to loneliness and wallowing 

to find peace and clarity


Do I not cry in the wind? 

Do I not swallow my tears?

Let The Lord replenish my sins, 

For I alone speak for the seer's 


The wounds are still there from the war,

They were there before I could talk.

The wounds go deep to my core,

They were there before I could walk.


I now realize I not only speak for the seer's,

On my lonely island of war,

I bear the weight of all believer's,

But of this, I can never be sure.


I live only in my sub-conscience,

with your hand in my hand,

On my island of indifference,

You are the land.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Wrote something fast so it's not that great but what can I say, I'm only 13.