Brokenly Free

Unpublished Work © March 16, 2014 Shanell 

A heart never will be whole again.

I gave it all to you,

Just to see it thrown to the ground,

Crushed in the dirt


A beautiful heart that once was whole.

Is broken now and forever more.

A Shiny white knight,

You will never be.

You broke that fairy tale quick as hell.


Broken dreams and broken hearts,

They have so much in common you see,

Once they break,

The scars, they never heal.

Some say time heals all pain,

But I guess they’ve never met you,

Now have they?


You say you don’t know why,

You did the things you did.

You say you wanted out,

But now you want back in.

Oh honey, don’t you know,

God didn’t give my heart

Any swinging doors.

I just don’t want you anymore.

You had twenty chances,

Probably even more.


Hope you’re happy now,

Hope you’re livin’ your dream.

This heart isn’t yours,

It’s finally free.

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