overcoming soldier

I was supposed to be an overcomer

to be in the first line of his front

I was to fight for others

to keep them from satan's lies.

Lord you told me I'll have

satan under my feet

but he's got me under his feet.

He hit me when I expected the least,

he hit me where he knew

I was the weakest.

Oh God, he got me on my fours

and he's grinning at me now.

My armour is all stripped off,

my shameful nakedness is before  

my eyes and yours.

Lord, you clothed me with

your armour, but in the nick of time

I chose to take it off.

I ain't worth of you, Sir.

I am the least and the weakest

of your soldiers.

Lord, I wish you dismiss me,

I ain't worth carrying on your flag,

to be called with your name.

I am the weak link in your chain.

Take me to your nursery room,

I'm of no use now on the battlefield

I'm only causing troubles and wories

to my fellow soldiers in charge.

Please, help me once again.

I ventured astray

and satan took advantage of me.

He hit me the hardest he could

and now I am down on the ground,


I need you to cover me again

in your righteousness.

Annoint my bruises and forgive me,

I chose to depart from you,

I chose to inhale poison

instead of your empowering fresh air.

Clear my  blurring eyes

to see you again.

Anew my senses, again to feel you.

Touch my ears, make me

hear your voice.

I broke the connection with heaven.  

I want to come back to you,

take me and heal my mind,

cleanse it, make it new;

It's where I lost the battle,

It's where devil saw my cracks

and blew his blazing blasts.

Put me again on my feet

Make me an overcoming soldier

Put me in the first line, again.....

Author's Notes/Comments: 

down on my knees, begging his forgivenss and restoration

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Amanda Morris's picture

nicely written and i so understand this struggle , thanks for the comment you left on my poem gbu