my cousin has a bachelors degree
but can't find a job
in the paper, yesterday
an educated man
was reduced, felt, forced to rob
survival of the fittest, you say
survival of the richest, I say
on the poorer, we prey
for the poorest, we pray
physically, out of shape
or with a light wallett
I see struggle
whichever, you call it
both struggle, with all their might, 
A devoted follower, following the rules
NOW!, struggling to do what's right
defined is economy
the management of the resources 
of a community, country, etc
WE! Did, what was right
BUT! Look where it lead ya
Author's Notes/Comments: 

FEEL FREE TO ADD TO THIS POEM AND LET'S SEE WHAT THIS WILL BECOME. Also, you can email me as well, so , we can work on this together

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this was a very good poem joe

this was a very good poem joe I liked it very much