Untitled -- 4.6.2010

Weather your a guy or girl; your other half, wants you to all have the answers without an question; so I thought I'd wrote something on that, here goes:

They want; You to be:Sensitive,yet, give them space to live,

They want; You to be: Masculine,yet, take time to listen,

take control, without being a, bossy A-hole,

take care of her needs,without being a pet,

what part of that last part didn't you get,

Here's a twist, she can be three people in a day, and for each version you need to know just what to say,

always, be there, but don't be in the way, yet, show that you care

It would be great if you could also be a Bad boy

but do not be a play toy,

PUT THAT $&@ on ignore, but don't disreguard their existence,

remember to always smile, while balancing on this fence

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