she always came first

my heart is broken

in my own blood

I am soaking

tears streaming

down my face

voiceless and screaming

It is her touch, I urn

it is her heart,

I wonder, if, I've earned

in there, it is warm

inviting and comforting

a place, like a home

and yet, I've done

this cowardly act

unto myself, done

indeed a sobering fact

as I remove the knife

that took my life

I was her friend

that is a boy

not a man, a simple toy

my head she pulls close to hold

just before my breathe stops

before my body turns cold

I whisper last words

only to you

was my heart true

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is about a guy who'd much rather die than live without the woman he loves, sadly, he didn't have to kill himself, she loved him and put him first

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