stupid pride

stupid pride

I used to have a very high opinion of myself

Giving in to stupid pride

Looking back, I see the damage it did

I convinced myself, I was a grown man

And all the while, I acted like a juvenile

I believe in the Japanese philosophy

of kaizen, continuous and incremental improvement,

For the better in all aspects of daily life

In order for me to truly see what I had

I had to loose it and crawl back home

Being “home” now seems strange

Oh, how people change

And yet some things stay the same

Things have gone so very wrong

Since that super bowl Sunday

I seem to be the only one to blame

For things happening this way

If I had been more mature

But I was diseased

She was very much my cure

From this pain

I remember staying up late

Watching her sleep, praying, this was my fate

The bottom fell out for me all because

I used to have a very high opinion of myself

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