My poetry is so good

My poetry is so good

How can you criticize it

You better leave now

Go home, read it for hours

Until you have memorized it

My poetry is so good

many people today despise it

My poetry is so good

I dare you to categorize it

This isn't for money

This for love,

I'm driven to do this

when you read a paragraph

You know it has to be mine

I stand out from the standardized

my poetry is so good

you won't believe your eyes

My work is filled with lines so good

At first glance, you're lost in my genius

Confused, for days struggling to grasp it

After publicly saying

There's no growth in your poem

You'll find yourself reading my poetry

Wishing to write like me

When you're all alone

because you're full of baloney,

I just have one question,

how can you criticize it

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Ruth Lovejoy's picture

I agree you need to write in your own style for yourself first and if others like it fine and if not that's their option. I also don't like those writer's handbooks. I feel real poetry is the soul on paper and your style is how you present it in your pieces. Great!